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The Alternative Energy, Inc. team has become a trusted solar contractor to major clients and developers in the commercial, industrial, governmental and utility sectors.
First Class Reliability:
AEI makes sure that it has an effective working relationship with its clients to interpret both technical and financial data so intelligent decisions are made.

Our reliability is proven by:
  • Satisfied customers
  • Solid track record
  • Most efficient, economical design that ensures the lowest ROI
AEI ensures that the client receives the lowest cost for the system, while maintaining the highest standards.

Engineering Excellence:
Our team consists of talented engineers from structural, mechanical, electrical and geotechnical backgrounds covering all aspects of solar energy technology. We design energy solutions with an eye to cost control, efficiency, and ease of implementation to minimize disruption to your operation during construction and beyond.
We can engineer a solution to any solar project, regardless of complexity. We have installed ground mounts, roof mounts, elevated shade structure, building integrated solutions, and solar parking structure.
Strategic Partnerships
Our strength as a company comes from the selection of key strategic partnerships to enhance and strengthen our clients’ value. From international engineering firms to local electrical contractors, we value our vast team of strategic partners and realize the importance of these key alliances to bring value to our clients.

License and Certifications
We hold electrical, general engineering, solar contracting licenses that will enable us to do any type of job no matter how complex it is.
Integrated Financing:
At AEI, we understand the client’s needs and we acknowledge that solar has a relatively expensive cost.

We work with clients to help them:
  • Find investors to finance your project
  • Locate and utilize financing options
  • Monitor changes in local, state, and federal laws
  • Identify utility rebates and tax incentives for each customer

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