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Photovoltaics can be easily integrated into fossil-fuelled power generation to decrease operating cost and secure supply.
Photovoltaic efficiently complements electricity generators in sunny regions and reduces fuel consumption, thereby significantly reducing overall costs. PV-Diesel can be your solution to save up to 60% diesel fuel and secure part of your energy supply with a return on investment as low as 3 years.

The PV system Solution

PV-diesel hybrid system ordinarily consists of a PV system, diesel gensets and intelligent management to ensure that the amount of solar energy fed into the system exactly matches the demand at that time. The system does not control the gensets - rather, it supplements it.

How it saves Fuel
The system replaces the kVAh that is produced on the genset by kVAh that is produced by PV, ensuring that the gensets do not suffer because of bad operation. By ensuring that the kVAh produced by the PV is the same as the produced kVAh on the genset, less liters of diesel are needed to supply the system because of the PV power.

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