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Alternative Energy Inc. works exclusively with homeowners focused on enhancing the appearance and value of their homes while reducing the cost of maintaining their homes.
With energy bills rising, favorable solar energy incentives, improved solar technology, and the environmental benefits, homeowners can turn to solar power to provide a secure long-term investment that reduces both your carbon footprint and your electricity bills.

Alternative Energy Inc. will help you combine tax credits, cash rebates and incentives to make your project affordable.
For Homeowners, the following situations would make solar a good option:
  • On-grid systems: when there is constant supply of grod-electricity but your bills are high and you want to save money. Solar can be your solution to reducing your costs and your carbon footprint.
  • Hybrid – on/off grid: When power cuts are frequent and there is high reliance on expensive diesel generators to supply electricity when there is outage, an off-grid system provides the best solution and reliability.
  • BIPV : Building integrated Photovoltaic is an architectural masterpiece that combines electricity production and aesthetics. The products are integrated directly into the building roof without the necessity of a mounting system.
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