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AEI is committed to delivering solar financing models that meet your financial needs as well as your energy goals
AEI leverages the strength of our financing team, affiliates, and our established relationships with financial institutions and investors to better understand the financial needs of the client. 
We provide the client with expert advice on available incentives and tax credits that might cover up to 60% of the cost.
We will offer the clients financing options that will match their needs and result in optimal financing solutions with no up-front capital expenditure for their solar project.
Power Purchase Agreements (PPA):
AEI provides turnkey power purchase solutions for clients who want to host a solar project on their property and purchase the electricity at low, predictable rates as a hedge against rising energy costs.
  • Third Party Ownership, no upfront capital
  • Predictable electricity rates
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Save from the first year
Solar Leasing:
  • Third Part Ownership, no upfront capital
  • Monthly fee
  • Option to purchase at any time
  • Save from the first year
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