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Alternative Energy Inc.’s team consists of talented engineers from diverse fields to bring advanced, innovative and cost-effective solutions for even the most complex situations and interconnection requirements.
Our engineers bring advanced, innovative, and cost-effective solutions for even the most difficult projects. We provide site assessment, including technology assessment and selection, interconnection requirements, Energy RFP and bid requirements and project design.

Our experience with hundreds of system installations provides us with unmatched understanding of the technology and optimizing production with the lowest possible cost. We analyze data from existing projects and apply best practices to account for radiance, weather patterns, local climate, shading, pollutants and other factors impacting your installation’s energy production.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA):
Due Diligence & Feasibility Study
  • Full on-site roof assessment
  • Structural & electrical feasibility
  • Structural measure-up
  • Design Of best solar system
  • Value engineering
  • Full CAD drawings
  • Customized system design for project specific components and structures
Structural & Electrical Engineering
  • Wind load analysis for project’s specific location
  • Weight distribution analysis with ballasts or penetration
  • Structural drawings
  • Structural reinforcement design, re-roofing
  • AC electrical design
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