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We provide on-site construction management and quality control.
Our construction team is committed to ensuring excellence in all aspects relating to the solar construction phase.

During the construction phase, AEI focuses on ensuring budget and timeline objectives. We oversee all parts of the construction process to ensure quality and professionalism on-site. Our team is well-experienced and certified to perform solar installations.

Our project managers and site superintendents, along with our structural and electrical engineers, take a collaborative approach to solar and communicate to ensure construction needs, goals and deadlines.

We offer on-site supervision, detailed construction support and planning, project management and planning, contractor oversight, and implementation of safety programs.
  • Safety and quality workmanship
  • Structure installation
  • Electrical installation
  • Project management
  • Monitoring system installation
  • Review drawing and documentation
  • Commissioning checklist
  • Comprehensive PV system inspection
  • Calibrate monitoring system
  • Interconnection
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