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Operations & Maintenance are critical components of managing solar energy facilities, and are usually discussed pre-construction to ensure the long-term viability of your solar investment.
Alternative Energy Inc. has extensive experience in optimizing a solar energy facility's performance via an O&M service agreement that will keep your system at optimal performance, ensuring the improvement of the photovoltaic assets’ return and prolonging performance system lifespan.

Almost as important as the design and construction phases is the process of monitoring the operating conditions of the photovoltaic systems and evaluating the performance of each subsystem to achieve the highest level of generation and system output.
Our Key O&M tasks are:
Solar System Monitoring Solutions
  • Constant surveillance of system
  • Energy production analysis and reporting
  • Value added re-engineering and optimization
Solar System Repair Service
  • Incidents management
  • Failure Troubleshooting
  • Failure repair
  • Refurbishment/overhauling
Preventative Maintenance
  • Module array cleaning
  • DC electrical check and maintenance
  • Inverter preventive maintenance
  • Technical advising
  • Solar PV Module Cleaning
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