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AEI is always looking for opportunities to enter new markets by joint venturing or assisting EPC companies in designing and developing projects.
As an experienced provider of engineering, procurement, and construction services, we are well-positioned to assist other companies in developing a successful solar project that meets project specifications, quality standards, and evaluation criteria.

Whether you need technical assistance, subcontracting services, or a partner in solar projects, becoming an AEI partner enables you to rely on our team to successfully implement your solar projects.

AEI works with the highest quality strategic partners to contribute expertise, equity and technology for its projects, tailoring the configuration of each system to the specific characteristics of the site and the client. By bringing together world-class expertise with unparalleled local experience, We are committed to providing a strong foundation of support that fosters unparalleled value and mutual success.
We will assist you with:
  • Recommendation on your project’s potential and product options
  • Proposal, design, engineering, and procurement, estimates
  • ROI analysis and financing options
  • Incentive and utility paperwork
  • State-of-the-art equipment procurement
  • Drawings and permit submittals
  • Project management, counsel and delivery
  • System monitoring and performance updates
  • Warranties
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