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AEI is constantly searching for the highest-performance components for its solar applications to ensure that our clients get the best performance from their renewable systems.
AEI invites the highest quality international technology companies to contribute their expertise, services and technology for our projects, tailoring the configuration of each system to the specific characteristics of the site and the client. By bringing together world-class expertise with unparalleled local experience, AEI is able to deliver long-term clean power solutions rapidly and cost effectively.

Our major suppliers, like us, recognize that a successful and long-term relationship is based on mutual benefits. While we are aware of our responsibilities to maintain good relationships, we look to our major suppliers as well for their support and assistance in business development, new market and client recognition, and a strong commitment to after-purchase service. 

All companies that wish to be part of our network and family must comply with AEI’s specifications and submit their products with all certifications and international standards. Please contact for any requests.
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